Sunday, April 29, 2012

April in a Hot Minute

What kind of cake is that? Is it a dog?
April. Always my favorite month, because well, it's my birthday month. So here goes, April in Hot Minute.

I visited home. Home right now is very sad and not a fun place to be. But it was nice to see my folks and my siblings, so at least that was positive. More on that at another time.

My brother was accepted to and decided to attend UC Santa Barbara next fall. He is so smart, and a good guy, and I am exceedingly proud of him. I know he will do well there, and I am thrilled he will be leaving the delightful little town of Modesto (is the sarcasm font on??). Modesto is no place to be. I am glad he will be leaving it behind. 

I did my taxes. Apparently not being married anymore means the government OWNS you. It fucking sucks ass. I guess I need to find a new husband and squeeze out a few kidlets. Ka-ching! Not really, but maybe I've considered it. DON'T JUDGE ME! 

I turned 27! It's funny how the older I get the less I feel like I know what I'm doing. At 22, I was all ready to say "I Do" forEVER, and had my life all planned out. Now, at 27, I'm like, WTF, you want me to commit to maybe meeting you for drinks? As if! All in all, I had a lovely and quiet birthday, and got day drunk on champagne. I mean, what more could you want? In all seriousness though, I do feel my life is on an up-and-up trajectory, but boy, do I have A LOT to learn. I guess that is what life's all about. I am so inspirational and insightful, aren't I??

My big sister turned 30!!! I kidnapped her from Modesto and she came to stay with me for the weekend. We went to the Odyssey at the top of the 405, had sisterly chats, and went to a kick ass party with an open bar and a concert that was so amazing, I can't even talk about it. Well, at least not on the internet. Then we proceeded to go to the shittiest bar ever, (I'm looking at you, Pineapple Hill), where we had birthday cake shots and bread pudding with a candle in it, because, well, we have to keep it classy. At the time, it made sense to eat around the burning candle. Or, it's possible we may have re-lit it, because, clearly, that also makes sense. Proof:
Mmmm, mediocre birthday treat. 
Awwww. I heart my sister.
Then, we went to champagne brunch and ate this amazing novelty known as breakfast pasta. It was seriously delicious. Between sips of champagne, we discussed big life stuff, and bonded, and it was absolutely lovely. I love my sister. I keep trying to convince her to move here, but so far, I haven't been persuasive enough. Then she left, and I was sad. But's it's okay, she will visit again soon.

So that was April. Other things happened, but nothing important enough to immortalize on the internet forever.

And, this post is dedicated to Erin, because it's necessary to show your one devoted follower that you DO care. This one's for you, kid. 

Peace, love, & champagne bubbles,